Cross Every Border Chords


Cross Every Border Chords (Transposable):

Verse 1
Am D G Am G G D G G/B
We will cross ev'ry border, throw wide ev'ry door
Joining our hands across the nations
Am7 Dsus D7 G
We'll proclaim Jesus is Lord

Verse 2
Am D G Am G G D G G/B
We will break sin's oppression, speak out for the poor
Announce the coming of Christ's kingdom
Am7 Dsus D7 G Esus
From east to west and shore to shore

Verse 3
E A Bm A A E A A/C#
We will gather in the harvest and work while it's day
Though we may sow with tears of sadness
Bm7 D E E7 A
We will reap with shouts of joy

Verse 4
F7sus F7 Bb Cm Bb Bb
Soon our eyes shall see His glory
F Bb Bb/D
The Lamb, our risen Lord
Eb Cm7 Bb Gm7
When He receives from ev'ry nation
Cm7 Cm7 F F7 Bb
His blood-bought Bride, His great reward
Cm7 Cm7 F F7 Bb Gm7
Then we'll proclaim, Jesus is Lord
Cm7 Cm7 F F7 Bb
We shall proclaim, Jesus is Lord