Depth Of Mercy Chords


Depth Of Mercy Chords (Transposable):

Verse 1
Depth of mercy!
Bm7 G2 A7sus4 A
Can there be mercy reaching even me?
D2 Bm7 G2
God, the Just, His wrath forbears me,
Asus4 A D
The chief of sin - ners spares.
Bm E7 G#
So many s my heart has strayed
G F#m Em Asus4 A
From His kind and perfect ways,
Bm E7 G#
Making clear my desp'rate need
Em7 F#m G2 D2 G2 D2 G2
For His blood poured out for me.

Verse 2
Give me grace, Lord,
Bm7 G2 A7sus4 A
Let me own all the wrongs that I have done.
D2 Bm7
Let me now my sins deplore
G2 Asus4 A D
Look to You and sin no more.
Bm E7 G#
There, for me, the Savior stands
G F#m Em Asus4 A
Holding forth His wounded hands,
Bm E7 G#
Scars which ever cry for me;
Em7 F#m G2 A D2 G2 D2 G2 D2
Once condemned but now set free.

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