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Endless Alleluia Chords / Audio (Transposable):

Verse 1
         D                     E 
In the morning when I rise to meet You
        A/C#                  D 
In the morning when I lift my eyes
You're the only One I wanna cling to
            A/C#                D
You're the first thought on my mind

                D                   E
Let our voices rise, all creation cries
                F#m         A
Singing out an endless alleluia
                 D                       E
From this moment on, join with Heaven's song
                 F#m       Amaj7 
Singing out an endless alleluia

Interlude 1
Dmaj7   E   A/C#   Dmaj7  

Verse 2
         D                     E
In the moments where You go unnoticed
        A/C#            D
In the ordinary day to day
Countless miracles of life around us
            A/C#            D
Point like arrows to Your name


Interlude 2
Dmaj7   E   F#m7   Amaj7     

        Dmaj7                E
Only a moment to live this life
                F#m7                Amaj7
Like shooting stars burning up the night
                Dmaj7          E
'Til Heaven's opened and we arrive
           F#m                     E/G#    A
In Your presence, Lord, in Your presence, Lord


Dmaj7                   E                     
 There's nothing better, there's nothing better
F#m                    E/G#                 A   
 There's nothing better, than this right now

[Verse 1]

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