Ever Be Chords / Audio (Transposable):

 D   Bm9   F#m   Gmaj7   D   Bm9   F#m   Gmaj7  

Verse 1
D                    Em                     G
 Your love is devoted like a ring of solid gold
                          F#m     A            D
 Like a vow that is tested like a covenant of old
                      Em                    G
 Your love is enduring through the winter rain
                       F#m   A            G
 And beyond the horizon with mercy for today

Pre-chorus 1
                   D                          A
 Faithful You have been and faithful You will be
 You pledge Yourself to me and it's why I sing

      G Gmaj7                   D                     
 Your praise will ever be on my lips, ever be on my lips
      Bm                        A                     
 Your praise will ever be on my lips, ever be on my lips
[2nd, 3rd time repeat chorus]


Verse 2
D                      Em                        G
 You Father the orphan, Your kindness makes us whole 
                        F#m          A                    D
 You shoulder our weakness, and Your strength becomes our own
                           Em                Gmaj7 
 You're making me like you, clothing me in white
                          F#m    A                    G
 Bringing beauty from ashes, for You will have Your bride

Pre-chorus 2
                   D                        A
 Free of all her guilt and rid of all her shame
 And known by her true name and it's why I sing 


D                    A  Em 
 You will be praised,  You will be praised
Bm                              G                D  
 With angels and saints we sing worthy are You Lord
  And it's why I sing 


 G   D   Bm7   A   G   D   Bm7   A  

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