Sing My Way Back Chords


Sing My Way Back Chords (Transposable):

  D2/B   A   D2/B   A  

Verse 1
D2/B                              A
 When we were young the road was easy
D2/B                             A
 But  moves on and people change
D2/B                               A
 If we're not falling, we're not flying
D2/B                               A
 You can't have love without the pain

D/F#          A/E
When I lose direction
     D/F#              A/E
When I can't see the stars
   D/F#          F#m
If we get disconnected
              Bm7               A
I'll sing my way back to Your heart
              Bm7               A
I'll sing my way back to Your arms

Verse 2
D2/B                       A
 There's a garden in the ashes
D2/B                      A
 There is beauty in the mess
D2/B                     A
 If we embrace our imperfections
D2/B                      A
 I know love will do the rest


C#m                          Bm7
 A million miles, a hundred lifes
D2                       F#m 
 I'd never find another You
C#m                         Bm7
 I found a diamond in the desert
D2                       Esus 
 Another story wouldn't do

  D2/B   A   D2/B   A  


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