Forever (We Sing Hallelujah) Chords / Audio (Transposable):

Ab   Eb   Bbm   Db   Ab   Eb   Bbm   Db  

Ab                      Eb/G                     Fm 
 The moon and stars they wept, the morning sun was dead
                   Db            Ab
 The Savior of the world was fallen
                 Eb/G                           Fm 
 His body on the cross, His blood poured out for us
                     Db         Ab Eb Bbm Db
 The weight of every curse upon Him

Ab                   Eb/G                   Fm  
 One final breath He gave as Heaven looked away
                    Db           Ab
 The Son of God was laid in darkness
                 Eb/G                        Fm  
 A battle in the grave, the war on death was waged
                      Db      Ab 
 The power of hell forever broken

 Ab                    Eb                          Fm 
  The ground began to shake, the stone was rolled away
                        Db           Ab/C
 His perfect love could not be overcome
                        Eb                      Fm 
 Now death where is your sting, our resurrected King
 Has rendered you defeated

         Ab Ab       Eb  Eb      Fm        Db   Db
 Now  fore -  ver He is glorified, forever He is lifted high
   Ab Ab      Eb Eb          Fm          Db  
Fore -  ver He is ri-sen, He is alive, He is alive



Ab   Ab     Eb   Eb     Fm    Db   Db     
Ab   Ab     Eb   Eb     Fm    Db  
Ab   Eb   Fm   Db   Ab   Eb   Fm   Db  

Ab            Eb                  Fm 
 We sing hallelujah, we sing hallelujah
              Db Bbm                   Ab      
 We sing hallelujah, the Lamb has overcome

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