Glorious Life Chords


Glorious Life Chords (Transposable):

Bm D G

Verse 1
Bm Dsus G
You find me with one glance
Bm Dsus G
Led me out from darkness, washed away my past
Bm Dsus G
Forgiven now I stand
With You there is a promise
Dsus G
Of hope that always lasts

A/C# Em7
You're the reason I get down on my knees
A/C# Em7
And the reason my heart sings Your praise

Through grace You've given liberty
Your mercy flowing over me
Bm G
From darkness into glorious life

Your hand has come to rescue me
A A/C#
And showed me who I'm meant to be
Bm G A G A G
In Jesus there is glorious life

Verse 2
Bm Dsus G
You're with me as I wake
Bm Dsus G
I leave my bed to follow You, face another day
Bm Dsus G
With You there is no hate
Bm Dsus G
Your love it does a better job, shows a better way

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