Here I Stand Chords


Here I Stand Chords (Transposable):

Dm A/C# Dm C
Here I stand, covered by grace
Under the blood that was shed for me
Dm A/C# Bb F
Here I kneel, before the King upon His throne
Dm A E Bb F
Here I bow, to worship the Lord
G D Dm F
Enjoying His favour on my life today
Bb G
Knowing that we'll never be apart

Verse 1
Dm Gm7 Dm
I'm a child of God, created for my Maker's pleasure
A7 Bb
Chosen to enjoy Him forever
F A7
Granted dignity by what He says about me
Dm Gm7 Dm
Made in His image, precious in the eyes of my Father
A7 Bb
Purchased by the death of my Saviour
F A7
I have been given life to the full

Verse 2
In a spacious place I'm basking in the warmth of the sunshine
The Holy Spirit's tender presence
Brings such joy to me and such liberty
I'm standing firm, holding fast to all He's spoken
No promise He's made will be broken
I live by faith in Jesus Christ

Gm7 C D
And I won't believe all the lies that I hear
Gm7 C D
When low self-esteem whispers into my ear
Bb Am7
That I'm worthless and poor, that I am lost and alone
Gm7 A7
At moments like that I must look to the throne

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