I Am Redeemer Chords


I Am Redeemer Chords (Transposable):

D5 Gm D

Verse 1
D5 Gm D
If you could know how many s
D5 Gm D
I've watched you weeping and I've wept the same
D5 Gm D
How I have ached so filled with longing
D5 Gm D
To gather you up here in my arms
D7 Gm D
You're alone, without home and forsaken
D Gm D
But I've made a way for you to be Mine

D D C# Bm G
For I, I am, I am Redeemer, your Maker, your Healer
D D C# Bm
Your King, who made Himself low that you would discover
The love of My Father made known in Me

Verse 2
D5 Gm D
For every wound you've had to endure
D5 Gm D
I chose to endure it long before you were born
D5 Gm D
I'm offering to carry your burdens and pain
D5 Gm D
Your fear and your worries, your sins and your shame
D7 Gm D
And I'm knocking at your door
D Gm D
And I'm waiting for you to let me on the inside

You can lay your head on My chest
D C#
You can feel the warmth of My breath
Bm G
You will know My love, you will find rest in Me alone, Me alone