Immersed Chords


Immersed Chords (Transposable):

Verse 1
D C2
You are the core of my life,
D C2
The crux of ev'ry statement.
D C2 Gm Bb C2
You surround me, I surround You, too.
D C2 D C2
And I am a satelite hovering about who You are.
D C2
You're the sun;
Gm Bb G/B
I'm the earth, ro - tating in Your glow.

C2 G/B
Let Your sov'reign,
Gm A# D
Providen - tial hand lead keep me.

Verse 2
C2 D C2
Who I am is in You, like someone immersed
In the deep end of a water pool.
C2 Gm Bb G/B
Inside of You I live and move and have my being

D Em7 G2
You are more concerned
D A7sus
With keeping me than exalt - ing me.
Em7 G2
You would e-ven use
D A7sus
The pains of life to draw me close.
If this be Thy hand,
My Father, I receive it I am Yours alone.




D C2 D

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