In Your Arms Of Love I Sing Chords


In Your Arms Of Love I Sing Chords (Transposable):

Verse 1
Bb Ebsus2
In Your arms of love I sing, giving glory to my King
Bb Ebsus2 F/A
I have come to seek Your face, in this secret, secret place
Cm F Cm F Ebsus2
And I will bow before Your throne, for my life is not my own

F/A Eb F/A Gm F Eb Bb/D
And I will praise You, ev'ry day I'll come before Your throne
Cm Fsus4 F F/A Eb
I am holy unto You, and I will give You
F/A Gm F Eb Bb/D
All my hopes, my dreams I lay them down
Cm Fsus4 F Bb
Lord, may I be found in You

Verse 2
Bb Ebsus2
I have taken up my cross, what was gain I've counted loss
Bb Ebsus2 F/A
Father, let Your will be done, for I am broken by this love
Cm F Cm F Ebsus2
Send Your fire to purify, Jesus, teach me how to die

F Eb Bb/D Cm Abm F/A Bb
And I will follow You, my Lord, for evermore and evermore
F Eb Bb/D
And I will follow You, my Lord
Cm Abm F
For evermore

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