Joy In My Morning Chords


Joy In My Morning Chords (Transposable):

C2 F2 C2 F2

Verse 1
C2 F2
When darkness falls, temptations call
Csus C Am7 Gsus F
And all around me seems undone
You hear my pleas, Supply my needs
Dm7 C/E Gsus G
And tell me of Your wondrous love

You are the joy in my morning
You're my song of praise
Am7 G6 F
Just like the new day dawning
Dm7 F C Gsus G
Flooding my world with grace

Verse 2
C2 F2
Though trials come and every one
Csus C Am7 Gsus F2
Can take me further from Your truth
C2 F2
You calm my fears, dry all my tears
Dm7 C/E Gsus G
And draw me closer, Lord, to You

In You there's no shadow of turning
Constant in all Your ways
F Gsus
You're growing my faith and I'm learning to lean
F/A Gsus G
On You all of my days

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