Joy Will Come Chords

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Joy Will Come Chords (Transposable):

D A Bm7 G

Verse 1
Joy will come in the morning
Bm7 G
Riding on the wings of the dawn, I know
D A Bm7 G
Joy will come after mourning as surely as You are God

D A Bm7 G
Joy will come, believe, joy will come, joy will come

Verse 2
Joy will come like the harvest
Bm7 G
Reaping for the tears that we sow, I know
D A Bm7 G
Joy will run to the farthest place as surely as You are God

Bm7 A D/F# G

Bridge 1
What is this hope I feel
It's helping
D/F# G
What is this peace beyond understanding
Bm7 A D/F# G
You fix the broken heart, there's healing in Your wings

Bridge 2
Bm7 A
What is this whisper small I'm hearing
D/F# G
So far above it all it's speaking
You're still the sov'reign Lord
D/F# G
There's healing in Your wings

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