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Intro 1

Intro 2
F Em7 Am

F Em7 Am
Young, but now I'm older
Never have I seen the righteous forsaken
F Em7 Am
Believe in what You told me
You would always hold me safe in the palm of Your hand
F Em7 Am
And even though I go through the valley of the shadow
I'm not forgotten
F Em7 Am
And I'll never let a day go by, my, my
Let me shout it from the mountain

F C E7
I just want to say I'm not afraid
F7 E7 Bb Am
I know that You are with me always
[, s] F C E7
I give You praise for every day
F7 E7 Bb E7
I know You'll never leave me, no way

F Em7 Am

F Em7 Am
You said You'd never leave me
Said You'd never leave me
F Em7 Am
You said You won't forsake
Said You won't forsake
F Em7 Am
You'd never leave me lonely
Never leave me lonely
Am Bb7 C7 [ bridge ]
Surely I believe it
Surely I believe it
Am Bb7 C7
Surely I believe it
Surely, surely, surely, surely, surely, surely

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