Keep Me Always Chords


Keep Me Always Chords (Transposable):

G D G C2 G/B Am7 D
Keep me always in love, keep me ever by Your side
Em7 D/F# G C2 G/B Am7 D
Keep me walking in the truth, keep this fire in my heart alive

C2 G G D
And I will let Your light shine
C2 G G D
Forever shine through in my life
C2 G D G/B
And I will never, never hide Your love away
C2 G D D G
Keep me ever by Your side

Em7 A7 C2 D Em7
I'd say Your love put this smile on my face
A7 C2 D Em7
You stay the extra mile after mile
C2 G D Em7 C2 G D
Your mercy never fails to reach me if I ever should fall
G D/F# Em7 G7
Keep me always in love

G D/F# Em7 Em7 D C2 D G