Lay Down My Pride Chords


Lay Down My Pride Chords (Transposable):

B5    E5             B5
Every single word I say
     E5               B5
You know it before I speak
You know every thought
     B5             E5 
The deepest part of me
B5          E5               B5
You draw me close and then I see
                  E5           B5
Your presence is every thing I need to be
     E5                 B5          E5  
The child that you've created me to be
F#5                          E5
I'm ready now to see it your way

I lay down my pride
G5         E5  
My desires my demise
     B5          G5          E5
I'm ready now to see it your way
              B5    G5         E5   
I'm done I'm thru ignoring you now it's true
     B5              G5            E5 
I'm kneeling at the cross of your grace
Lay down my pride

       E5                 B5
I was faced with passing time
       E5                  B5
But I knew the choice was mine
To finally come to you
     B5              E5
And give you all control
B5             E5              B5
I've wandered miles to find my way
                E5                 B5
And then you revealed this simple faith
             E5             B5             E5   
I know that you can see the secrets of my soul

Repeat Chorus (twice)

      B5       F#5               G5 
The cross the blood you shed for me
      D5       A5          E5  
Your back was ripped and bruised
   G5               D5          
So I can know your love
   A5            G5      F#5
I kneel I bow to you my king

Repeat Chorus (twice)

Outro:  keep repeating til the end
B5   E5

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