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Let Justice Roll Down Chords (Transposable):


E Esus F# A2 B
Let justice roll down like a mighty river
E Esus F# A2
Let righteousness flow on and on
B E Esus F# A2 B
'Till the desert becomes like the Garden of Eden
Esus F# E/G# A2
Where the nations will come and be healed
Esus F# Esus B E C#m B A
And the glory of God is reveal - ed
A E E A E E A E E A E [ chorus]
[ and s] A E E A E E A E E A E E
[ chorus]

Verse 1
B B A E/G# Esus A
Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord
B B A E/G#
Acknowledge the depths of your sin
G D/F#
And let the ungodly man turn to the Lord
Em7 C Bsus B
He will have mercy on him

Verse 2
B B A E/G# Esus A
Love one another and learn to forgive
B B A E/G#
Walk in His marvelous light
G D/F#
Reflect the radiance of God as you live
Em7 C Bsus B
Blameless and pure in His sight

Verse 3
B B A E/G# Esus A
Open your hearts to the poor and depressed
B B A E/G#
Let them see the Father in you
G D/F#
Open your ears to the cries of the lost
Em7 C Bsus B
Then God will listen to you

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