Let Us Come Into This House Chords

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Let Us Come Into This House Chords (Transposable):

F G G13

G13 F G G7 Am7
Somebody give praises all in one accord
G/B Am D G C G/B G D D
O, let ev'rybody lift your voice unto the Lord
C G2 B
For He's been so mighty good to you
Am9 E #9
And He keeps on blessing and blessing you
Am7 G/B E #9
So give praises, high praises
E b9 Am7 G C Am11 D G
Let somebody give praise unto the Lord

C G2 B Am7 C D G
I am standing here today, Because of what my God has done
C G2 B Am7 C D G
I'm a living witness, Of how the Lord can change someone
D/F# Em Baug D# G D Em C#
You see every day He keeps blessing me, In a brand new way
Am7 G D C C D
I can't keep it to myself, I gotta tell somebody today

Gm7 C Gm7 C
Let somebody in this house, Stand and testify
Am7 G/B C C D G
You gotta tell somebody, What the Lord has done

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