Lord I Love You Chords


Lord I Love You Chords (Transposable):

E Emaj7 E Emaj7

Verse 1
E Emaj7 E Emaj7
Holy are You Lord, Your mercies never end
You provide for our needs
You're more than a friend
Your grace is so unchanging,
F#m7 B
You're faithful and true
E Emaj7 E Emaj7
Lord, I love You

[Verse 1]

B/D# C#m7 G#m7
Lord, I love you,
G#m7 C#m7 G#m7 F#m7
Yes I love you, la da da
C#m7 G#m7 F#m7 E Emaj7
Lord, I love you, love you

Verse 2
E Emaj7 E Emaj7
Your love for me is great no matter what I do
You are there to pick me up, I'll always need You
B F#m7 B
My life I want to be, a reflection of you
E Emaj7 E Emaj7
Lord I love you


E Emaj7 E Emaj7 E