Lord We Come Chords


Lord We Come Chords (Transposable):

Gm7 Dm7 Gm7 D7+9

Verse 1
Gm7 Dm7 Gm7 Dm7 Gm7 Dm7 Gm
Lord we come to You Lord in faith we come to You
Dm C/E F C2 E Dm7 C2 Gm7 Dm7
You are our strength, You are our shield we come to You
Gm7 D7+9

Verse 2
Gm7 Dm7 Gm7 Dm7 Gm Dm7 Gm
And we come in faith, robed in power and righteousness
Dm C/E F C/E Dm C2 Gm Dm Gm Gm7
You are our light, You are our life, we come to You
F2 A

Bb C2 Gm7 Dm7 Gm F2 A Bb C2
And by grace we stand pulling down the strongholds
Eb F7sus F Gm7 Dm7 Gm D7+9
Lifting up the standard of the Lord