Metamorphis Chords


Metamorphis Chords (Transposable):

E/G# Am C C Bb F5 Bb C C Bb F Ab

Verse 1
A E/G#/C D Dm
Hello, friend, it's been some
Am Dm
Since I've sat at Your table
E/G# Am
And drank Your wine
E/G#/C C/E D/F# Dm
Worldly lies, empty skies
Am E/G# E5
But only You can satisfy

C C Bb
Can I be somebody
F Bb
Not what they want me to be
C C Bb
Just a pale reflection
F Ab
Of what You want me to be
That's what I'm gonna be
Bb C C Bb
Can I be somebody
F Ab
Can I be somebody
F/A D C5 B
I'm gonna be somebody

Verse 2
Am E/G#/C D Dm
Sticks and stones, skin and bones
Am E/G#
My teflon coat is wearin' thin
E5 E7 no
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Am E/G#/C C/E D/F# Dm
I'm worldly wise, synthesized
Am E/G# E5
I'm on the outside lookin' in

F5 G5 Ab5 Bb5 Csus4

Verse 3
Am E/G#/C C/E D D/F# Dm
I know one day I will be free
Am Dm E/G# Am
My cynical clothing will fall from me
E/G# C C/E D/F# Dm
Flyin' high in the blink of an eye
Am E/G#