More Now Chords


More Now Chords (Transposable):

C/E F/A Am C F/A

Verse 1
I remember when I was young, so carefree and unafraid
C Am F G
Every doubt could be overcome with a childlike faith
C F Am G
But the day of my trial would come like an earthquake to my beliefs
Am C F G
And the doubts I could not outrun brought me to my knees

F C G Am
I thought I was done and I almost gave up
F Am G
When my whole world was crashing down
Now I can't shake this truth
G Am F
After all I've been through somehow
G C Am
Lord, I believe in You more now

Interlude 1
C/E F/A Am C F/A

Verse 2
So I don't need to understand if You pushed me or let me fall
Am C F G
Or the days when Your tender hand was a wrecking ball
C F Am G
The illusion of my control has shattered and been replaced
Am C F G
With a hunger deep in my soul and a childlike faith


Interlude 2
Am G C F
Whoa-oa, I believe in You, Whoa-oa

Am G
I believe there are questions that may not get answers
No matter the prayers that we pray
Am G
I believe when it feels like the whole world is breaking
C F Am G
That somehow Your hope still remains, even death cannot steal us away


Interlude 3
[vocal ]
C F Am F

I believe in You more now

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