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My Only One Chords (Transposable):

Am F C Dm

Verse 1
Am F C Dm
All I need in this life is You now
Am F C Dm
With every breath I'm getting closer to You
Am F C Dm Am
I'm never gonna stop reaching out to You
Am F C Dm
All I can do is yell out
Am F C Dm
I wanna feel wanna know wanna touch You
Am F C Dm
I'm trusting You with every step I take
Am F C Dm
I throw my life into Your hands
Am F C Dm
Knowing You have the perfect plan

F C/E F F C/E F F C/E C Am
And I'm running
F C/E F F C/E F F C/E C Am
To be with You
F C/E F F C/E F F C/E C Am G Gsus G
And I'm longing to see Your face

Am E
I could never let this love die down anymore
D Esus E
'Cause You're the only one I'd give my life for
I could never give my heart away to anyone
D Esus E
I give it all to You my only one

Verse 2
Am F C Dm Am F C Dm
More of You less of me; every part of my life I give away
Am F C Dm Am F C Dm
Without You I'm incomplete I need You desperately



F E/G# Am G/B C Dm

F E/G#
We lift our voice screaming out to this world
Am G/B C
All we really want is You now
You're the only one who can save us


Am F C Dm

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