My Salvation Chords (Transposable):

F Gm Bb F Gm Dm Bb F
Gm Dm C F

Verse 1
Bb F2 C F2 Dm
My God and my salvation assures me that He has won
Bb F2 C F2
And in moments rest He will rise up for us

Gm Dm
We bow down, we bow down
Bb F
Holy holy, are You Father
Gm Dm
At Your throne, on our face
C F [ to ending]
Worthy worthy, forever
Bb F/A
And we bless Your name
C/E Dm
All You've spoken for this hour
Bb C Dm
As You fill this place
Gm F
We're embracing all You are

Verse 2
Bb F2 C F2 Dm
Father of life and breath and of all that we see
Bb F2 C F2
You lift up a sound, the song of victory


Cm7 Gm7 Dm F
I will rejoice in you God, You're the hope of my salvation
Cm7 Gm7 Bb F
You are my rock, I will not be shaken

Interlude 1
Bb G Bb G

Bb G
I will rejoice, I will rejoice
Bb G
Throw my hands up lift high Your name, I will rejoice
Bb G
You give us victory, victory is mine
Bb G
You give us victory, And I will rejoice

Interlude 2
Bb Bb Bb F Gm Dm C F


Cm7 Gm7 Dm F Cm7
One thing that You've spoken, power belongs to You alone
Bb Fsus F Cm7 B6 F
And you're so full of love