Never Gonna Stop Chords

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Never Gonna Stop Chords (Transposable):

G D Am7 G/B C G D Am7

Em7 Am7 D9 Am7
For Your beauty that's been shown, for Your mysteries unknown
Em7 Am7 G/B C G
For the miracles we've seen we praise You, Lord
B7 #9 Am7 D9 Am7
For the story of Your love, for the wonder of Your blood
Em7 Am7 G/B C G
How it makes the sinner clean; someone like me

Em7 C G D Am7
So, I'm never gonna stop; never gonna stop
G/B C G D Am7
Lifting up my hands to You; lifting up my heart
G/B C G D Am7 G/B
When the last day comes and goes, and will be no more
C A/C# Dsus D G D
I'll be praising You; no, I'll never let it end
Am7 G/B C G D
I'll just begin it all again; shouts of thankfulness and love
Am7 G/B C G D
I'm always gonna give; a thousand years from now
Am7 G/B
Before Your throne of grace and pow'r
C A/C# Dsus D G D
I'll be praising You; praising You

Interlude 1
Am7 G/B C G D Am7

D C2 D C2
Though pressed on every side, with troubles and fears so near me
D C2
And should the whole wide world deny You
Am7 G/B C D
I'll just make it louder; shout Your name on high

Interlude 2
G D Am7 G/B C G D Am7 G/B C

G D Am7 G/B C G
I'll be praising; I'll be praising You

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