Nothing Can Compare Chords


Nothing Can Compare Chords (Transposable):

D G Asus A D G Asus A

D C G Gm6 A#
Nothing can compare to looking at your face
D A Bm7
Nothing can compare
Em7 Asus A/C#
To feeling Your embrace
D C G Gm6 A#
You are all I want, you are all I need
D A Bm7
There's nothing in this world
Em7 A7sus D Am D
Could take your love from me

G Asus
Many are your thoughts
A G D/F# Bm7 D A
T'ward your children
G Asus A D Bm Bm7
Abundant is the grace that I've received
G Asus A G
Forgiven are the sins
F#m7 Bm
You've covered in your blood
Em7 A7sus A7 D
So nothing separates me from your love



D/F# G Asus A D D/F# G Asus A

Bm Em7 Asus A D
So nothing separates me from Your love