O What A Mystery Chords


O What A Mystery Chords (Transposable):

Verse 1
Eb Bb F Bb Eb Bb
O what a mystery, Jesus is here a light in our darkness shines
Eb Gm F6 Eb2
O what a story, You came from heaven to earth

Verse 2
Eb Bb F Bb
Away in a manger, the Word became flesh
Eb Bb
Born just like one of us
Eb Gm F6 Eb2
O what a greatness, this picture of true humbleness

Bb F/A Gm7 Eb
We have seen the glory of the One who lives forever
Bb F/A Eb
Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the world
Bb F/A
Filled with grace and truth
Bb/D Eb
You've shown the mercy of the Father
F Eb Bb
Immanuel, Immanuel, God with us
F Bb Eb Bb Bb F Bb Eb Bb
F Bb Eb

Verse 3
Eb Bb F Bb
You've tasted our sorrow, was nailed to a cross
Eb Bb
Despised by the ones You made
Yet death couldn't hold You
Gm F6 Eb2
You've conquered the power of the grave


Bb F Gm7
You came to saved the world, You came to save the world
Eb Bb
God with us