Perfect Love / Mary’s Song Chords


Perfect Love / Mary’s Song Chords (Transposable):

F Am E Dm7 Bb2

Verse 1
F Am E Dm7 Bb2
My beautiful boy, holiness I see
F Am E Dm7 Bb2
Perfect so pure, Your eyes they trust in me
Gm7 Dm7
All creation bows to You
Eb Bb C C F C D
The skies sing Your arri - val, my precious Jesus

Verse 2
G Bm F# Em7 C2
And You will walk this land my precious gift from God
G Bm F# Em7 C2
Showing all mankind the only way to life
Am7 Em7
All creation sings Your praise
F C D D G G F# Em7 Esus4 E
The angels will proclaim my precious Jesus

Chorus 1
Am7 Dsus4 D/F#
All of heaven's gaze is on You,
The glory of God shines for all to see
Am7 D7 E
The Son of God, the Son of man

Chorus 2
Am7 D7 G C C B
You are perfection promised, the giver of life for all eternity
Am D7 G C Am7 D7 G Esus4 E
My little one perfect love, my little one, perfect love
Am7 D G Am7 D/F# G C C B Am7 D/F# C G G
My little one, perfect love