Praise God Chords (Transposable):

D2 G D G2 D

Verse 1
Praise God from whom all blessings flow
G2 Em7
In heav'n above and earth below
Bm7 D A
Praise God the Father and the Son
G2 Em7sus4 Em7sus4
Praise God the Spirit, three in one

Interlude 1
D2 D2 G2 G2 Bm7sus Bm7sus4 Asus4 Asus4

Verse 2
G D2 G2 G2
From all that dwell beneath the skies
Bm7 C2 C2
Let the Creator's praise arise
G2 Bm7 Bm7
Let our Redeemer's name be sung
G Em Asus A C2
Through ev'ry land, by ev' - ry tongue

Interlude 2
G2 C2 Dsus D C2 G A2 F G A A

Verse 3
E2 A B E2
Eternal are Your mercies, Lord
A2 F#m A2 B2
Eternal truth attends Your Word
C# C#m B A2 B A A2 G
Your praise will sound from shore to shore
F#m7 D2 E2
Till suns shall rise and set no more

E2 A2 A2 C#m7 C#m7 B7sus A G D/F# E2

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