Pure Chords


Pure Chords (Transposable):

E B E C#m A2

E B E C#m
Your love is pure Your love is precious
A2 E B E
Your love is all I need Your love surrounds me
C#m A2
Your love astounds me Your love is everything

E B E C#m
I run to You when my heart is weak
A2 E
I cling to You, You're all I seek
B E C#m
It's my heart's desire to be close to You

Tag 1
A2 E B E C#m A2
Here in Your arms, I find my strength



Tag 2
A2 C#m
Here in Your arms I'll find my strength

B A2 C#m B A2

C#m B A
Everything I want, everything I hope in
A/C# E B A2
Everything my heart cries out for

C#m B A2