Run To You / I Need You Chords


Run To You / I Need You Chords (Transposable):

Gb Dbsus Gb Dbsus

Verse 1
Ebm7 Gb
Lord, You're calling me
B2 Dbsus Ebm7
Lord, You're beckoning with love abounding
Gb B2 Dbsus
And I run, I run

Gb Dbsus Ebm7 B2
I need You, I can't get enough of You
I come alive when I'm in Your presence
B2 Dbsus Gb/Bb
O God of my salvation

Verse 2
Ebm7 Gb/Bb B2 Dbsus
Lord, You're drawing me, I am completely overtaken
Gb/Bb B2 Dbsus
Yes, I run, Jesus, I run


B2 Gb/Bb Dbsus Gb/Bb
Lord, I'm running, Lord, I'm running
B2 Gb/Bb Dbsus
Lord, I'm running to You, draw me closer


Gb Dbsus F
I run to You, I run, I run
Ebm7 B2 Gb
I run to You, I run to You, I run to You