Salvation Day Chords

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Salvation Day Chords (Transposable):

E A C#m7 B E A C#m7 B

Verse 1
God so loved loved this world that He gave His Son
E A C#m7
Whoever would put their trust put their trust in Him
E B B E A Bsus B
Would live for- e- ver would live for- e- ver

E A C#m7 B
Oh I was dead but now I live
E A C#m7 B
Oh all my sin has been forgiven
E A C#m7 B E A
Oh now with all my heart and soul I sing
Thank You for my Salvation Day

Verse 2
I so love love Your world that I'll give My life
E A C#m7
So they would yes they would see Your sacrifice
E B B E A Bsus B
And live for- e- ver and live for- e- ver


E D2 A/C# A E/G# E

Here we are rescued and ransomed
D2 A2
Sing it out this is our anthem; shout it out we'll live forever
E A C#m7 B


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