Saviour’s Song Chords

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Saviour’s Song Chords (Transposable):

A                          E
Glory, You laid aside Your glory
In dying showed the glory
Of a humble King
A                               E
Mercy, the cross speaks of Your mercy
No guilt or shame just mercy
Gods great gift of love

A      E        D    E
Sing aloud the Saviour's song
     D        A/C#
Come worship Him
     D       E
Come worship Him
A          E        D        E
Raise Your hands and shout His name
     D   A/C#
Christ Jesus
     D    E
Christ Jesus

Empty, the rugged cross is empty
A grave lies still and empty
Jesus is alive

Praise Him, join as one and praise him
Lift his name up, praise him
Great and awesome God

      D   E   F#m
Rulers of the earth
     D     E   F#m
Bow before His name
         D  E  F#m   E   A  
All will say that He is Lord

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