Shaken Up Chords


Shaken Up Chords (Transposable):

Dsus2 G6 9

Verse 1
I'm shaken up I'm falling down
Dsus2 G
I'm feeling like the rug's been pulled
Beneath my feet there's shifting ground
Dsus2 G D G6 9
I'm reaching out I need your hand

Verse 2
I'm waiting here in my living room
Dsus2 G
I'll play for you and I'll yell like a madman
Come sing to me like a father would
Dsus2 G D/F# G2 D/F# G2
And still my heart with your melodies

Chorus 1
G2 Asus D/F# G2 D/F# G2
I'm calling out to you, embrace me again
G2 Asus
I'm crying out to you,
D/F# G2 G2 B Em7 D2
Come meet hold me again

Verse 3
I'll suffocate won't you let me out
Dsus2 G
I'm asking you where's the treasure now
Oh you have my heart, only you can know
Dsus2 G
I'm searching more now than
D/F# G2 D/F# G2
I've ever searched before

Chorus 2
G2 Asus
I'm calling out to you,
A D/F# G2 D/F# G2
Come save me from what I'm in, yeah. Oh,
G2 Asus
I'm crying out, calling out
A Asus
Come free me, O Lord. Come save me, O Lord.
A D2 [D2 G6 9 G2 adlib]
Come free me, embrace me again