Sing Holy Chords


Sing Holy Chords (Transposable):

Db Bm Db Gb Db Db

Verse 1
Db Ebm
We have tasted and have seen that You are good
Gb Db
And bring the humble close to You
Db Ebm
So lift up the Lord our God who breaks
Gb Db Ab
Into the world He made and chases after us

Chorus 1
Db Bbm
We come raise our voices high
Join in heaven's choir that never stops singing
Holy holy holy

Verse 2
Db Ebm Gb
He is faithful to our hearts to lift the weary up
And reign with grace and love
Db Ebm
So shout like saints after and before
Gb Db
It's You that we adore it's You whose marked our lives

Gb Db/F Ab
So rise up sing out Your praise

Chorus 2
Db Ebm
We come lift our heads and sing
Gb Db
Watch heaven come in Your kingdom singing holy holy holy