So Alive Chords


So Alive Chords (Transposable):

Verse 1:
         G/B            C              G   D
So much love, so much light, I'm alive again
           G/B             C       D
My first breath, gazing into You
      G/B        C                  G    D
Open eyes, I can see You've been calling me
       G/B           C     D
This is who I was meant to be (and I'm)

     Em            A7                C
So alive, so alive, living in this love divine
     Em       A          C
So amazed, so amazed at You
                Em            A7
Moved from dark to blazing light
Your love took me by surprise
          Em        A7             C
Now I never want to live away from You
            Em         A7/C#         C
I don't ever want to live away from You

Verse 2:
          G/B             C              G      D
Breathing out, breathing in, so revived in this love
       G/B                C       D
So content, so dependent on You
        G/B           C                  G       D
Just a child, but I'm Yours, what a mystery that You
           G/B            C       D
The God of all would make me Your own