So Close To You Chords


So Close To You Chords (Transposable):

Chorus 1
E B C#m A C#m F#m7 Bsus B
So close so close to You my days pass like the morning dew
E B C#m A F#m A E B F#m B E
Bearing fruit 'cause I'm hooked onto You so close to You

Verse 1
And when I think of the s where You draw me near
F#m B E
I am changed by heaven's grace and Your light
And all Your purposes plans for my life become clear
F#m A Bsus B
You give me eyes that see with Jesus' sight

Verse 2
As our hearts beat together the fire grows
F#m B E
Revelation floods me like a light
I know justice and help for the widow the poor
F#m A Bsus B
Is part of changing my world with Your life

Chorus 2
E B C#m
So close so close to You
A C#m F#m7 Bsus B
The Savior's heart pierced my heart through
E B C#m A F#m E B F#m B E
Seeing mercy from Your point of view so close to You

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