Tell Somebody Chords


Tell Somebody Chords (Transposable):

G D D Bm A G D D Bm A

Verse 1
G D D Asus A
I was out on my own looking for trouble
G D D Asus A
In over my head 'bout to give up the struggle
Then I tasted freedom oh so sweet
Bm7 A G
Found forgiveness that I just couldn't keep to myself
I can't help but give it away, I had to

G D Bm7 A
Tell somebody, tell somebody, that we are forever loved
G D Bm7 A
There is nothing, there is nothing, the cross can't overcome
G D Bm7 A
Just believe it, just receive it
G D D/F# A G D D Bm7 A
Then go tell somebody, tell somebody, about love

Verse 2
G D [no chord]
You say you're looking for love and need someone to save you
G D D Asus A
One beggar to another let me tell you some good news
See we don't have to walk to the end of the earth
Bm7 A
We don't have to go on an endless search
Hurtin', workin' for salvation, I just gotta


G D D Bm7 A

G D D Bm7 A
Just open your heart, it's the best place for us to start
G D D Bm7 A
And open your mouth, let the truth come flowin' out
G D D Bm7 A
See we don't need a mountaintop, no we don't need a microphone
G D D Bm7 A
All you need is, all you need is just to


G D D Bm7 A G D D Bm7 A G D D Bm7 A G D D Bm7 A
About love, about love, about love, about love

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