The Accuser Comes To Judas Chords


The Accuser Comes To Judas Chords (Transposable):

Bm F# D F#

Verse 1
Bm F# D F#
Peace, peace, just be silent, sleep, sleep, as before
Bm F# D F#
Greed, greed, you can't fight it, each man has his price
I found yours

A2 Bm D Em
And you agreed I said sieze, I said deceit and you agreed
Bm A2
Just take, and you agreed I called you fake
G Bm F#
I called you slave and you agreed

Verse 2
Bm F# D F#
Wait, wait each piece in place, stay, stay, it unfolds
Bm F# D F# Bm
Sold, sold thirty pieces, was it worth the price



Verse 3
Bm F#
I've been working you for ages, every workman's worth his wages
D F#
Pushing buttons vetting vices, subtle nudges compromises
Bm F#
Only a little leaven and you kept letting me in, letting me in
It became less about the price
When you let the enemy in on the inside

Interlude 1
G Em Bm A

G Em
He loves you, though He knew what you were up to
Bm A
And His love is easily the thing that most hurts you
G Em Bm D
He loves you, He loves

Interlude 2
Bm Daug Bm Daug

Run, run, run, beware the wave that comes to sweep you away
Put some distance between you two, cast it off
Run, run, run, but you can't escape the fatal flaw
You can wash your hands but the blood won't budge

Bm Daug Bm
Avarice, avarice, avarice, avarice, avarice, avarice
Daug Bm
Avarice, avarice, avarice, avarice, avarice, avarice
F# D
Avarice, avarice, avarice, avarice, avarice, avarice
Avarice, avarice, avarice

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