The Same Power Chords


The Same Power Chords (Transposable):

E            E        
E     B/D#   E         A   C#m     Bsus4        

Verse 1
       E       B/D#   E 
There is pow'r in   His name
         A         C#m    Bsus4
For the stone was rolled away
        E      B/D#  E 
Mountains bow down before
       A        C#m     Bsus4
Jesus Christ our risen Lord
       A         Bsus4  E5
Jesus Christ our risen Lord

 A     E       C#m    B 
Mighty Saviour lifted high
E/G#    A    C#m   B 
King forever Jesus Christ
           E       C#m    B
Crowned in glory raised to life
 E/G#    A     Bsus4    E 
The same power lives in us
  Bsus4  C#m   A  E  Bsus4  C#m

Verse 2
      E        B/D#  E
We will rise stand and sing
        A         C#m        Bsus4
Of our great and matchless King
     E       B/D#  E 
Seated high on   the throne
           A       C#m  Bsus4
You shall reign forevermore
           A       Bsus4 E5
You shall reign forevermore


A     E                     Bsus4 C#m  
 The grave could not contain the  power of His name
A  E                 Bsus4 C#m          
  Death You overcame      once and for all


E/G#     A     Bsus4    E 
The same power lives in us

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