To The King Chords


To The King Chords (Transposable):

D Em7 D
I will sing of Your love forever.
D Em7 D
I will lift up my hands.
D Em7 D G2
I will sing songs of joy to the King of Kings.
D Em7 D
You bring freedom within from my struggles.
D Em7 D
You're the light of my life.
D Em7 D
You will come once again
Bm A
With a sound from heaven.

D Bm7 Asus4 G D Bm7 Asus4 G
Hallelujah to the King who is to come.
D Bm7 Asus4 G
We raise our voices
D Bm7 Asus4 G
And declare Your mighty name.