Unto The One Chords


Unto The One Chords (Transposable):

Em D/F# G C Em D/F# G

Verse 1
You broke the curse of sin
Em D/F#
You were slain Lamb of God
C D Em
No greater love has ever been displayed

Verse 2
Crucified at the hands
Em D/F#
of sinners you were
C D G Am G/B D
Risen to life on the third day

Verse 3
Unto the One who sits on the throne
Em C D
Unto the Lamb who was slain
Em D/F# G
Be all blessing and honor, glory and power
Am G/B C
And praise forever
Am Em D
Christ is the Lord
C D G D/F# G C Em D/F# G
Worthy forevermore

Verse 4
Victorious One, Great Healer You
are worthy, Jesus worthy
There is no end to Your majesty

Verse 5
Lamb of God, You bought with Your blood
Men from every tribe and tongue
Lion of Judah, You have overcome

Am G/B C F
Worthy is the Lamb of God
F C Bb
Who takes away the sins of the world