We Are The Kingdom Chords (Transposable):


Db Db Ebm7 Bbm Bbm Gb

Verse 1
Db Ebm Bbm
If only we could see who we're made to be
Gb Db Ebm Bbm
Beyond the fear and doubt that feels so crippling
Gb Db Ebm Bbm
Our song would rise today, of a King so great
Gb Db Ebm Bbm
Who rules the universe but calls us all by name
Gb Ab
O-oh, we are set apart, o-oh, we know who we are

Gb Bbm Ab
We are the Kingdom, we are the light
Gb Bbm Ab
You set a fire we cannot hide
Gb Bbm Ab
And we'll be Your city burning so bright
Gb Ab Db Bbm
'Cause we are the Kingdom

Tag 1
Gb Db Bbm Ab
O-o-oh o-oh, o-o-oh, o-oh
Db/F Gb Db Gb Ab Db
O-o - oh, o-oh, we are the Kingdom

Verse 2
Db Ebm Bbm
We will risk it all for such a as this
Gb Db/F Ebm Bbm
Not to gain the world but make a difference
Gb Ab
O-oh, we are set apart, o-oh, this is where we start


Gb Db Ab
We'll shine Your light and raise it high, raise it high
Bbm Gb Db Ab
The Kingdom of God is alive, is alive

Gb Db Bbm Ab
O-o-oh, o-oh, o-o-oh, o-oh


Tag 2
Bbm Gb Ab Bbm
'Cause we are the Kingdom, we are the kingdom

[Tag 1]