We Lift Our Hands Chords


We Lift Our Hands Chords (Transposable):

Db Ab Bb Eb

Eb Db Ab/C Abm B/Eb Bb Ab
We lift our hands in the sanctuary, O Lord
Cm7 Fm7 Eb/G Ab6 Ab Ab Bb G+7 b9 Cm7
We adore You, giving You the high -est praise
Bb/D Db Eb Eb
And with our song, we'll come to bless You
Ab Eb/G
Forever and ever
Fm7 Eb/G Fm7 Ab F7 A Ab Bb Bdim7 Bb7 D Cm7 Eb
Great and great - ly to be praised

Db Eb Ab
We turn our hearts to You in worship
Dm7 b5 Gaug7 Cm7
Expressing our love for You
Db Eb Ab
O Lord, we thank You for all Your blessings
Db Ab Bb Bb/D Eb
And the promises that You have in store f - or me

Eb Db Ab/C Abm B Eb Bb
All praise be to You, Lord, my King
Eb Db/F/A Ab/C Abm6
For You are my life, and
Abm B G/B F/A Eb Bb G
Now I sing
G F C/E Dm C C/E
Forev - er, You are
Fm7 Eb/G Ab Eb A Eb Bb Bb/D Eb
Great and greatly to be praised