What It Means Chords


What It Means Chords (Transposable):

Intro:  (2 X‘s) 
F#  G#m B C#

Eb               C#             G#/C      
I’ve been here a thousand times before 
Face down on the floor 
Eb               C#             G#/C     B 
Wondering how I even reached this place again 
Ab              Bbm      G#/C               B 
But, You have shown so endlessly, how Your love pours over me 
Ab                Bbm        G#/C           
No picture can re-create the beauty that I see 
F#                     G#m               C# 
Show me what it means, to live my life a sacrifice 
Ebm               C#    B                   C# 
If only I would realize how much it took to pay the price 
Ebm        C#     B              
I know I’d always give, everything to You 
Intro: F#  G#m B C# (2 X‘s) 

Eb      C#        G#/C      
I want this world to see 
Your perfect majesty 
Eb         C#                 G#/C        B 
Reflecting from my life this brilliant poetry 
Ab          Bbm       
Written all over this place 
    G#/C               B                 Ab 
The signs of all creation that You breathed 
Ab                Bbm      G#/C           
Words can’t even state how much You mean to me 


Intro: (2 X‘s)
F#  G#m B C#  

D                      F# 
I want to face my very crime of not giving all of mine 
D                           C# 
But I can feel the hope You bring to me 


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