When My Heart Is Torn Asunder Chords


When My Heart Is Torn Asunder Chords (Transposable):

 G  G/B  C  G

Verse 1
G                G/B C  G
When my heart is torn asunder
                   C      D
And my world just falls apart
          Em     D     C
Lord you put me back together
             D               G
And lift me up to where you are

         C                 Em
There is hope beyond the suffering
D              G
Joy beyond the tears
C               Em
Peace in every tragedy
    D                   G
and love that conquers fear
C               D
I have found redemption
       G    G/B  C
In the blood of Christ
   Am             Em
My body might be dying
         D          G
But I'll always be alive

-Intro Chords-

Verse 2
You have turned mourning to dancing
You have covered me with grace
The struggle here may last a moment
But life with You will last always


G/B C      G  
   oh, oh oooh
 G/B C
oh oooh
       Em D G/B C
oh oh oooh

Verse 3
When the age of death is over
When this world has been reborn
We'll be there beside our Savior
This is our great and rich reward