You Prepare A Table Chords


You Prepare A Table Chords (Transposable):

D2 G/B C2

Verse 1
D2 G/B C2
When the battle's fierce and the walls are crashing in
D2 G/B C2 D2 G/B C2
And I have no place to go, surrounded by my foes yet not alone
C2 F2 Am7
There's one thing I know that they don't know

C2 G C2 Em D
You prepare a table for me and bless me in the presence of my enemies
C2 Em D D C2
You fill me 'til my cup overflows, You restore my soul

D C2 D C2 D C2 D C2
You restore my soul, You restore my soul

Verse 2
D2 G/B C2
If not for You I would surrender to my fears
D2 G/B C2
And hope would surely slip away
D2 G/B C2
I find comfort knowing You are near
C2 F2 Am7
I'm ready to say renew my strength

C2 G
I will lift up my eyes to where my help comes from
C2 D
I know You hear my cries, You are my champion

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