You Said You’d Come Chords


You Said You’d Come Chords (Transposable):

Verse 1
D Em7 G
You said You'd come if we'd call, so now we're calling You
D Em7 G
With shallow hearts and empty hands
D Em7 G
And we have gathered here for nothing but the name of Jesus
D Em7 G
We're coming to the cross again

A7sus4 G A7sus4 G
And we'll take You at Your word
A7sus4 G A7sus4 Bm7 A7sus4 G
For we have called on Your name and You have heard

D A7sus4 G D A7sus4 G D A7sus4 G
Father, we love You, Jesus, we need You, Spirit, we want You
And You're calling us

Verse 2
D Em7 G
You gave Your life, a sacrifice for all my sin and sorrow
D Em7 G
Your blood ran down upon my shame
D Em7 G
Your death brought life and now everything is changed forever
D Em7 G
And here I am, born again

Bm7 A7sus4 G Bm7 A7sus4 G
If we humble ourselves, if we trun from our sin
Bm7 A7sus4 G Bm7 A7sus4
Will You forgive our wicked ways, would You heal us
Come to us again