A Thankful Heart Chords


A Thankful Heart Chords (Transposable):

C D G C Am D G C Am D
A thankful heart creates a thankful home
G C Am D G C Am
Filled with love and understanding so that grace can abound;
D G C Am D G C Am
Whoa, a thankful heart will break down the walls of pride,
D G C Am Dsus D G C G
'Cause overcoming every problem begins with a thankful heart.
D7 A G/B

Verse 1
C G2
Always rejoicing and praying constantly,
Am7 C D G
In every circumstance we should give thanks;
Em Bm7
For this is the will of God concerning you and me,
Am7 C D D
Only then can we discover joy and liberty.

Verse 2
G/B C G2
Now binding the attitude of all dissatisfaction
Am7 C D G
Will only happen when we're giving thanks;
Em Bm7
For His grace will meet us and nothing can defeat us
Am7 C D D
When thanksgiving's offered as a sacrifice of praise

Verse 3
G/B C G2
It's to let selfishness go,
Am7 C D G
And allow the living water to overflow;
Em Bm7
United in one purpose we'll conquer the darkness
Am7 C D D
When the spirit of thanksgiving is shining in our souls.

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