All We Like Sheep Chords


All We Like Sheep Chords (Transposable):

Verse 1
Bb F2 A
All we like sheep have gone astray
Gm Dsus Dm F G
Each of us turning our own sep'rate way
Cm7 Eb F F Eb F Eb Bb Bb Am11
We have all sinned and fallen short of Your glo - ry
D Gm Dsus Dm
But Your glory is what we desire to see
F G Cm7 Eb F F
And in Your presence is where we long to be

Cm7 F Bb Bb2 D Eb Eb F Bb Bb2 D
O Lord, show us Your mercy and grace
Eb Eb F F G
Take us to Your holy place
Eb Bb2 D
Forgive our sin and heal our land
Cm7 Eb F F Eb F F Eb Bb Bb2 D
We long to live in Your presence once again

Bb2 D Cm7 Eb F F Eb F F

Verse 2
Bb F2 A
Taking our sickness, taking our pain
Gm Dsus Dm F G
Jesus, the sacrifice Lamb, has been slain
Cm7 Eb F F Eb F Eb Bb Bb Am11
He was despised, rejected by men, He took our sin
D Gm Dsus Dm
Draw us near to You, Father, through Je-sus, Your Son
F G Cm7 Eb F F
Let us worship before You, cleansed by Your blood

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